Reasons your email marketing campaigns are underperforming and its solution

Last updated: , August 1, 2020

B2B email marketing is the currently one of the most popular and affordable tools to help you boost your sales. Although it provides a great level of ease and takes off a lot of the workload, the issue today is that not every marketer knows just how to fully harness lead generation through email marketing.

Low quality source of data

The origin of your email data can have a remarkable effect on your B2B marketing campaign. It has been observed that Purchased Data Lists (PDL) often have the lowest quality of email data and should hence be avoided for future if you are not getting your desired results. While Rented Data Lists (RDL) are somewhat better than the PDLs, the best way to target the right audience is Organically Grown Lists. These lists take a while to grow, but with time they also yield the best results.

Chronic send time and frequency

Another hindrance in your marketing campaign could be bad sending time and frequency. It is highly important to know when your audience checks their emails as someone who works in an office rarely watch emails while being in bed. Also, too much of emails to clients can cause irrelevance and fatigue which would hence cause for opt-outs or deletes.

Non-segmented Lists

One major reason for your audience to not connect might be due to the non-segmentation or bad segmentation. It is highly important to make proper segmentation of your data and only send messages to relevant people in the particular segment. Design your emails according to the choices and needs of each segment.

The key to improving all the mentioned problems is connecting with your target audience. Daniel Timothy provides ultra-segmentation, relevant content and extraordinary designs which helps your business go a long way.