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What is Daniel Timothy Leads?

Proven to generate up to 10x the amount of potential leads vs manually emailing.

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Daniel Timothy Leads (DT Leads) simplifies generating leads via email. DT Leads allows users to send scheduled emails and follows ups while staying organized and aware of their KPIs. Adding DT to current systems is seamless with its ability to integrate with CRMs such as HubSpot, Saleforce (and 100+ more platforms). Daniel Timothy adds power to sales teams that never thought they could be more productive.

Add automatic customizing templates using our variable identifier. Use a preset template that will automatically customize the variables you decide to use such as “first name” and “company name” etc. Also pick, the time sequence these emails will go out.
This allows users to be in full control of what receivers see, and when they see it, even if they are sending multiple emails to different companies at the same time.

Using the Daniel Timothy Leads platform, makes it easier to create solicitation lists by using our “Company Look- Up” feature. This allows Business Developers to add companies to their ownership, and get suggested contacts. Please add contacts in the sequential order that you would like them to be contacted in order to generate a lead.

Monitor pipeline of Development Team as the Manager, Monitor personal pipeline as a Business Developer. Easy toggle off campaign when lead is received in personal inbox.

  • Keep it simple

    Engage with customers to grow relationships using automated tools

  • Integrate with Outlook to Preschedule Sales Campaign

    Plan who you want to engage with and plan accordingly in advance with our Sales Enablement platform

  • Mointor Sales Funnel through dashboard or CRM Intergations

    Use Manager Dashboard to mointor activity, or seamlessly intergrate DTL with Salesforce, HubSpot or many other CRM platforms


Increase in Leads Generated


Lift in ROI


More Conversions


Increase in Productivity